Democratic Security Sector Governance

Frontline police provide the key interface between the security sector and the population. Police forces that engage with the communities they are responsible for can more easily identify problems caused by insecurity and, in this way, recommend changes to policy and practice that may increase the levels of security provision.

Overall, a general trend has also emerged in which some European nations have dispensed with paramilitary-style policing and moved towards fundamentally democratic community policing models. Community policing presupposes structured and prolonged interaction with citizens, a process requiring a high standard of training and sustained engagement.


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Integrating Gender into Internal Police Oversight

Designed as a complement to the DCAF, OSCE/ODIHR, UN-INSTRAW Gender and Security Sector Reform Toolkit, and DCAF’s Gender Self-Assessment Guide, the guidance notes focus on integrating gender into systems and processes within police services and armed … read more

Training Manual on Policing Urban Space

The Training Manual on Policing Urban Space has been designed to assist police working in urban areas within low and middle-income countries to develop crime-prevention knowledge and skills. The Manual focuses on the importance of prevention and multi- … read more

Toolkit on Police Integrity

The Toolkit on Police Integrity aims to assist police services in designing effective measures to curb police corruption, increase their ability to fight crime, improve public security, and strengthen the rule of law and public trust in the police. The … read more

Legislating for the Security Sector Toolkit: Police Legislation Model: The Japanese Police Law and The Police Duties Execution Law

This booklet contains the Japanese police legislation in its original form as well as its articles reorganised by topic. This allows legislators to easily identify the specific topics that need to be covered in a police law and compare between differen … read more

Legislating for the Security Sector Toolkit: The European Code of Police Ethics

This toolkit contains the European Code of Police Ethics accompanied by commentaries and recommendations. The European Code of Police Ethics together with the Guidebook on Democratic Policing (OSCE) and the Ten Basic Human Rights Standards for Law Enfo … read more

Handbook on Police Accountability, Oversight and Integrity

This Handbook is one of the practical tools developed by UNODC to support countries in the implementation of the rule of law and the development of criminal justice reform. It aims to assist countries in their efforts to develop effective systems of ov … read more

Guidebook on Democratic Policing

This Guidebook is designed to assist OSCE staff dealing with police and law enforcement issues as well as police practitioners and policy-makers working to develop and strengthen democratic policing. The Guidebook is intended to serve as a reference to … read more

Transforming Police in Central and Eastern Europe

This publication presents the principles and practices of good policing which have emerged through processes of reform, trans-national exchanges, and the creation of international regimes; summarise some of the lessons learned on police reform and its … read more

International Human Rights Standards for Law Enforcement: A Pocket Book on Human Rights for the Police

This “pocket book” is designed to provide a readily accessible and portable reference for police committed to the lawful and humane performance of their vital functions in a democratic society. The pocket book contains hundreds of relevant standards, r … read more

Human Rights and Law Enforcement: A Manual on Human Rights Training for the Police

This Trainer’s Guide is one component of a three-part package of materials for human rights training for police. The police-training package also includes a training manual and a pocketbook of human rights standards for police personnel. The three comp … read more

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