Democratic Security Sector Governance

At the request of the OSCE Project-Coordinator in Ukraine, DCAF and GICHD (Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining) hosted a delegation from the Verkhovna Rada and the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine to brief them on DCAF and GICHD’s work. The delegation was greeted by Ambassador Thomas Guerber who opened the discussions. During their visit, senior personnel from the Ministry of Defence and Members of Parliament were introduced to DCAF’s and GICHD’s work and outlined interest in additional cooperation areas. The delegation has thanked both Centres for their ongoing work in relation to Ukraine. Throughout the exchange, specific challenges and needs were identified by the delegation. The latter will serve as guidance for future DCAF support to Ukraine’s SSR process in coordination with other international agencies involved in this field and in line with the ongoing cooperation with OSCE PCU.


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1 Overview of DCAF Programming  Mr. Eden Cole, Head NIS Programmes

3 DCAF Def. Reform Programming Amb. (ret.) Valeri Ratchev, DCAF Associate Senior Fellow

2 DCAF Parliamentary Programming Mr. Eden Cole, Head NIS Programmes

4 DCAF Parliamentary Programming SSE Dr. Teodora Fuior, Coordinator, Operations I, South East Europe

5 DCAF Programmes in Sub-Saharan Africa & Gender Programming  Ms. Lorraine Serrano, Programme Manager, Operations III, Gender and Africa

6 DCAF Public-Private Partnerships  Ms. Nelleke van Amstel, Project Coordinator, Operations IV Public Private Partnerships

7 Law Enforcement Reform Programming  Mr. Paulo Costa, Head, Police Programme, Operations I South East Europe 


1 Risk Management Marc Bonnet, Head Risk Management

2 Information Management Olivier Cottray, Head Information Management

3 Strategies and Standards Mikael Bold, Advisor, Strategies and Standards

4 Policy and Communication Gianluca Maspoli, Advisor, Policy

5 Gender and Mine Action Programme Arianna Calza Bini, Director – GMAP

6 Implementation Support Unit Anti-Personnel Mines Ban Convention Juan Carlos Ruan, Director – ISU APMBC



Building Integrity and Reducing Corruption in Defence: A Compendium of Best Practices

Gender and Complaints Mechanisms: A Handbook for Armed Forces and Ombuds Institutions

Oversight and Guidance: Parliaments and Security Sector Governance

Overseeing Intelligence Services Toolkit

Parliamentary Powers in Security Sector Governance

Parliamentary Oversight of the Security Sector

Public Oversight of the Security Sector: A Handbook for Civil Society Organizations

Security Sector Reform and Gender Toolkit

Teaching Gender in the Military: A Handbook

Training Manual on Police Integrity

Toolkit on Police Integrity

For more resources please visit the Best Practices Section of this website.


A Guide to Survey and Clearance of Underwater Explosive Ordnance

A Guide to Cluster Munitions

A Guide to Mine Action 2014

Guide to Strategic Planning in Mine Action

The Humanitarian and Developmental Impact of Anti-Vehicle Mines

For more GICHD resources please visit their website here.

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