Democratic Security Sector Governance

The Training Manual on Policing Urban Space has been designed to assist police working in urban areas within low and middle-income countries to develop crime-prevention knowledge and skills. The Manual focuses on the importance of prevention and multi-sector collaboration in advancing urban safety. Prevention as a topic as well as a strategy is integrated into the manual to ensure continuous reflection throughout the training. The Manual is a tool for training workshops and a practical guide to strengthen the capacity of trainers and police services. It is designed to be used over a three-day training session, but it has been set up so that it may be extended or shortened. The target audience includes trainers working with police services, and police officers (e.g. police first-responders, officers, investigators, supervisors and managers) working in urban areas and/or with urban communities.

UN Office on Drugs and Crime
Photo credit: Ivan Bandura (Flickr)

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