Democratic Security Sector Governance

International Standards and Good Practices in the Governance and Oversight of Security Services

This collection of best practices analyses international standards and best practices in the governance and oversight of security services. The report consists of four chapters: (1) mandate and functions of security services; (2) executive control of s … read more

Conference Proceedings 5: Ombuds Institutions & Security Sector Governance

This publication offers the proceedings from Conference 5 on “The role of the ombuds Institutions in security sector governance”. The aim of the conference was to identify a range of priorities and recommendations for Ukraine. Key recommendations inclu … read more

Key Issues and Policy Recommendations Compilation

This publication provides an overview of the key issues discussed and policy recommenda- tions proposed during the series of conferences for the project “Monitoring Ukraine’s Security Governance Challenges”. The project was implemented jointly by DCAF … read more

Conference Proceedings 4: The Role of Media

This publication offers the proceedings of the Conference 4 “Security Sector Governance: The Role of Media”. Following to the previous conferences findings and recommendations, the forth multi-stakeholder conference was to examine current Ukraine’s sec … read more

Security Aspects of Political Decentralisation in Ukraine: Visions, Realities, and Possible Implications.

This study seeks to offer an analysis of security aspects of two approaches to the definition of “Decentralisation” currently existing in Ukraine. One is stipulated by the Minsk agreement, particularly Article 11 of A List of Measures to Fulfill the Mi … read more

Conference Proceedings 6: Defence Production, Sales and Acquisitions

This publication offers the proceedings of Conference 6 on Security Sector Governance in Ukraine. The  conference focused on defence production, sales and acquisitions. The objective of the event was to identify current reform priorities and challenges … read more

Key Issues and Policy Recommendations, Conference 8

This publication offers the Key Issues and Policy Recommendations based on the results of the Eighth International Conference “Human Rights and Security Sector Governance: Ukraine’s Reform Challenges”. Since 2014, Ukraine’s security sector has been und … read more

Key Issues and Policy Recommendations, Conference 7

This publication offers the Key Issues and Policy Recommendations based on the results of the Seventh International Conference “Ukraine’s Civilian Security Sector: Reforms’ Progress and Challenges”. Conference Seven, following to the previous conferenc … read more

Key Issues and Policy Recommendations, Conference 6

This publication offers the Key Issues and Policy Recommendations based on the results of the Sixth International Conference “Security Sector Governance: Defence Production, Sales and Acquisitions”. Conference Six provided a platform to discuss state p … read more

Key Issues and Policy Recommendations, Conference 4

This publication offers the Key Issues and Policy Recommendations based on the results of the Forth International Conference “Security Sector Governance: the Role of the Media”. In established democracies, free and independent media play a crucial role … read more

Parliamentary Ethics Ukraine

This is a research focused on the Ukrainian context, aimed at providing guidance on existing codes of conduct in the context of the latest efforts to approve such a code in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

Investigating and Prosecuting International Corruption and Money Laundering Cases

This publication presents legislative and practical aspects of criminal prosecution of economic crime, including financial investigations, asset recovery, and mutual legal assistance. It provides step-by-step guidance to both policy makers and practiti … read more

NATO BI Reference Curriculum for Educators

Understanding the Impact of Good Governance and Corruption on Defence Institution Building. A Reference Curriculum for Educators.   The BI Reference Curriculum is a guide for educators to assist nations in integrating BI into their existing traini … read more

The Foundation for Defence Procurement Reform in Ukraine

The focus of this paper is to provide a governance framework for defence procurement reform in Ukraine. The three core elements comprising the foundation for defence procurement reform are the development of a defence industry strategy, the selection o … read more

Watchdogs? The Quality of Legislative Oversight of Defence in 82 Countries

This report aims to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of legislative institutions in controlling corruption in the defence and security sector, and to provide clear guidelines on how parliaments and legislatures can do better.

Handbook on Combating Corruption

This handbook is a reference guide on available legal tools, the latest legislative and policy trends, and pertinent measures and practices to prevent and suppress corruption. The handbook is aimed at raising awareness of the range of international ins … read more

Guides to Good Governance: Access to Information and Limits to Public Transparency

“Guides to Good Governance” is a series of small booklets each of which discusses a particular topic of importance to good governance in the defence sector. The main reason for promoting integrity in a systematic way is to reduce the risk of corruption … read more

Anti-Corruption Measures in Ukraine after the Revolution of Dignity: Key Legislative Aspects

In October 2014, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (the Ukrainian Parliament) adopted new legislation on an Anti-Corruption Strategy for 2014-2017, the National Anti-Corruption Bureau (NABU), and the National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption (NAPC), … read more

Financial Oversight of the Security Sector a Toolkit for Trainers

This Toolkit is designed for financial oversight practitioners who wish to gain access to best international practices in financial oversight of the security sector, improve their professional ability to financially oversee security sector institutions … read more

Training Manual on Police Integrity

The Training Manual on Police Integrity aims to assist ministries of interior, police services and training institutions in developing their capacities to deliver integrity training to their staff. The Training Manual also provides guidance on how to b … read more

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