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Conference Proceedings 5: Ombuds Institutions & Security Sector Governance

This publication offers the proceedings from Conference 5 on “The role of the ombuds Institutions in security sector governance”. The aim of the conference was to identify a range of priorities and recommendations for Ukraine. Key recommendations inclu … Далі

Key Issues and Policy Recommendations 9:Ukraine’s SSR Accomplishments and Plans

This publication offers the Key Issues and Policy Recommendations based on the results of the Ninth International Conference “Ukraine’s Security Sector Reform: Accomplishments and Plans”. Ukraine, in challenging circumstances, has made significant achi … Далі

Conference Proceedings 4: The Role of Media

This publication offers the proceedings of the Conference 4 “Security Sector Governance: The Role of Media”. Following to the previous conferences findings and recommendations, the forth multi-stakeholder conference was to examine current Ukraine’s sec … Далі

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